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Truck-Lite 25250Y Yellow Rectangular 25 Series LED 3 Diode M/C Light P2, 2 Screw12V


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25 Series, LED, Yellow Rectangular, 3 Diode, Marker Clearance Light, P2, 2 Screw Surface Mount, Hardwired, Stripped End, 12V

  • 25750Y features hardwired connections with optional field-installable butt-splice connectors.
  • Hermetically sealed lens and housing.
  • Electronics completely sealed in epoxy to resist corrosion and moisture.
  • Less susceptible to shock and vibration.
  • Draws less current, allowing more power for other vehicle requirements.
  • Direct pin-to-circuit board solders assure vibration-resistant contacts.
  • Includes 97701 mounting gasket with #25250R/Y and 25750Y.
  • 25750Y is legal when mounted 0 to 40 degree rollback from vertical.