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Truck-Lite 97946 Multi-Prp 14 oz Spray Can


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Multi-Purpose Maintenance 14 oz. Spray Can

  • Quickly loosens frozen or seized parts.
  • Invades hard-to-reach crevices and creeps through the tightest seams.
  • Displaces moisture.
  • Corrosion Control: Forms a protective thin film barrier to stop oxidation and prevent rust from spreading.
  • Dissolves corrosion oxide -.
  • Maintains lubricity under high loads for superior reduction of friction, heat and noise.
  • Use on fifth wheel springs and rails, glad hands, control linkages, roll-up doors, hinges and latches, chains and pulleys and more.
  • Outperforms other penetrants.
  • Prevents and removes corrosion build-up.
  • High dielectric insulation against electrolysis.
  • Extreme pressure lubricant.
  • For use on connectors including ABS, 4-13 way plugs and sockets, battery terminals and more.