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Truck-Lite 96811-4 LED Anti Flicker HeadLight Plug H4 to H4 Connector

Truck-Lite 96811 LED Anti-Flicker HeadLight Plug H4 Connector to H4 Connector

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96811-4 HeadLight Plug, 16 Gauge SXL Wire, H4 Connector, H4 Connector, 4.5 in

  • Compatible with Jeep Cherokee XJ models.
  • The Anti-Flicker (PWM) Adaptor eliminates LED headlight flicker
  • A limited number of Jeep users may see a flicker as a result of the PWM electrical system used on these vehicle models.
  • This adapter will store power during on-time, and deliver power during off-time, allowing the lamp to receive consistent energy delivery.
  • Made to with stand rugged terrain.
  • For Use With H4 Connectors Only.
  • Electronics are sealed in epoxy to resist damage caused by corrosion or moisture.