Truck-Lite 96511 Quick Connect, 1 Port, 4 Terminal, Junction Box, Surface Mount


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  • Provides a secure connection to consumer trailers through a stripped wire connection or a stripped wire connection with a standard 4-pin flat molded connector.
  • Sealed connector to the main power harness in the truck.
  • Adhesive-lined heat shrinks protect the main harness connection to the box.
  • Quick connect box can be easily replaced if necessary.
  • The hinge pin has been designed to fit tightly into the hinge, keeping the lid on the box and reducing the chance for water to get into the connection terminals.
  • The black color of the box will allow it the blend into the rear bumper mounting location.
  • Easily adaptable for trailers, box trucks, retail vehicles, and box vans with a hitch set-up.
  • Mounting holes are in the same locations the current Phillips boxes.
  • 1/4" bolt used to mount the box.

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