Truck-Lite 8013 Clear 707 Series LED, 4 Diode Rectangular Dome Light, Gray 2 Screw Bracket Mount, Hardwired 12-24V


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Truck-Lite 8013 707 Series, LED, 4 Diode, Clear, Rectangular, Dome Light, Gray 2 Screw Bracket, 12-24V

  • Ideal for flood, cargo, step, locker and overhead lighting.
  • Can be fitted in semi-trailer, trailer, box van, mini-bus/coach, emergency services, utilities, recovery and load handling vehicles.
  • Utilizes an extremely reliable slimline design and combines both dual voltage and dual polarity functions.
  • Instant switch on with easy surface mount and offset optical design making it easy to position in any orientation to direct light to the desired area.
  • Low profile, waterproof to IP67 and reliable to a temperature of -40 degrees C.
  • E approved LED interior lamp to ECE 95/54, EEC 2000/2, ECE Reg 10.

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