Truck-Lite 60555R Red/Clear 60 Series LED, Oval 8 Diode, S/T/T & Back-Up 12V


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Truck-Lite 60555R 60 Series LED, Red/Clear, Oval, 8 Diode, S/T/T & Back-Up, Black Surface, Fit 'N Forget 4 Pin S.S., No Plug, 12V

  • Offers the same safety and low maintenance benefits of existing LED S/T/T and BU lights now in one package.
  • Not orientation dependent; complies with FMVSS 108 vertically or horizontally.
  • Save space in inventory.
  • Lower cost system.
  • The new combination lamps are the same size as existing Truck-Lite Model 60 lights, which means they fit into existing mounting holes.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

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