Truck-Lite 50606 50 Series, Junction Box Lid


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  • With 50 percent more harness ports, alleviates the need for multiple boxes, while allowing for the addition of more harness systems and increased lighting needs.
  • Larger box makes it easier to work on internal connections.
  • Clear lid offers easy viewing of connections without having to remove lid, saving time when trying to identify lighting system problems.
  • Dual ''Dog bone'' ground strap feature allows 4 terminals to be common, replacing the need for multiple junction boxes, offering additional cost savings.
  • Silicone gasket on lid helps to eliminate damage from moisture and corrosives within the box, reducing costly repairs.
  • Made of high impact, chemical resistant, approved insulating plastic providing a long service life and eliminating the time and money needed for repair and replacement.
  • Mounted by four eyelet-reinforced holes in base of box for increased durability.
  • Contains 12 pre-tapped holes to accept compression fittings or filler plugs allowing for greater configuration versatility.
  • Uses 50 Series compression fittings or 50830 filler plugs (6 included in kit).

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