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Truck-Lite 36130R 36 Series, LED, Red Winged, 3 Diode, M/C Light, 12-24V


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Truck-Lite 36130R 36 Series, LED, Red Winged, 3 Diode, Flex-Lite Rear Exit, M/C Light, PC, Adhesive, 12-24V

  • Winged housing provides option for mounting around corners on a radius.
  • Provides a clearance/marker solution that requires no mounting brackets or installation screws.
  • Lamps adhere directly to application surface through the use of heavy-duty adhesive backing.
  • Easy-to-install peel-off liner.
  • Hardwired lamp design is easily retrofit able.
  • Rear exit wire version requires a 3/8 mounting hole, and self-seals hole upon installation.
  • Side mount options can be mounted without any mounting holes.
  • LEDs draw much less current, allowing more power for other vehicle requirements.
  • Electronics are completely sealed in epoxy to resist damage caused by moisture and corrosion.
  • Reduces lighting costs caused by physical damage and heat entrapment.