Truck-Lite Yellow 33 Series, LED, Round, 1 Diode, M/C Light, PC, 12V


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33 Series, LED, Yellow Round, 1 Diode, Marker Clearance Light, PC, Hardwired, .180 Bullet Terminal, 12V

  • US patent 7,658,524.
  • World's smallest LED marker lamp for the transportation industry.
  • Exceeds legal requirements.
  • Hardwired lamp design is easily retrofitted.
  • LEDs draw less current, allowing more power for other vehicle requirements.
  • Electronics completely sealed in epoxy to resist corrosion and moisture.
  • Offers trailer engineers and manufacturers new trailer and rear door structure design flexibility.
  • Requires 3/4" mounting hole.
  • Reduces lighting costs due to physical damage and heat entrapment.
  • Material thickness for flange is 040'' - 250''.
  • Material thickness for grommet is 125'' - 250''.

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