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NOCO® GENIUS 10 Battery Charger w/Interchangeable Connector


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NOCO® GENIUS 10 Battery Charger w/Interchangeable Connector

Genius 10 Replaces The G7200

Genius also has an all-new force mode that allows manual charging for extremely dead batteries - all the way down to zero volts.

In Force Mode, the charger will run a 5-minute charge cycle to bring the battery back to life. The Charge LEDs will chase, and the selected mode will blink. After the 5 minute cycle, the charger will initiate standard charging.

This multi-functional design now allows you to charge in more ways. You can Effortlessly charge multiple battery voltages and chemistries. Switch to Repair Mode to recover old batteries or prime new ones. Use Supply Mode for ECU reprogramming, to power onboard computer systems during battery changing, or powering 12-volt devices.

Smart indicators quickly detect when a battery charger is connected in reverse polarity, connected to an incompatible battery or if the battery is failing.

Features and Benefits
  • Bring batterys back to life with Force Mode
  • Start-voltage sensor detects dead batteries as low as 1-volt.
  • Built-in desulfation mode.
  • Smart diagnostic indicators.
  • Repair integrated within a 9-step charging profile.
  • Provides all-season, all-weather charging for a healthy battery.
  • Leave plugged in 24/7 with no worries of overcharging.
  • Automatically returns to its last selected mode.

Multi-functional design allows you to charge in more ways.

      • TYPES: Starter, deep-cycle, marine, power-sport and more.
      • MULTI-VOLTAGE: 6-12V lead-acid batteries.
      • CHEMISTRY: Flooded, gel, maintenance free and batteries.
      • SUPPLY MODE: Reprogram ECU's, maintain power, or unequalize batteries.
      • REPAIR MODE: Recover old and damaged batteries, plus prime new batteries.
      • LITHIUM MODE: Lithium-ion batteries, including iron phosphate.
    • 14 AWG Micro Clamps w/ Integrated 10mm Eyelets
    • Part#: GENIUS 10
    • Charging Current: 10A
    • Battery Capacity: 230Ah
    • Output Power: 150W
    • Charge Mode: 6V- 12V
    • Charge Mode: AGM & Lithium 12V Repair Mode: 12V Power Supply MOde 13.6V AGM Mode 6V
    • Dimensions: 4.41” x 4.76” x 9.10”
    • Weight: 4.17lbs
    • UPC: 046221190052
    What's In The Box
    • Genius 5 Battery Charger w/Interchangeable Connector
    • 14 AWG Clamps w/ Integrated 10mm Eyelets
    • Mounting Bracket w/ Strap
    • (2) Self-Tapping Screws
    • User Guide & Warranty Information

    WARNING: California’s Proposition 65