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Minimizer MIN1600B The One Ton Black Single Axle Fender Set Fits 16.5” dual tires


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Minimizer MIN1600B The One Ton Black Single Axle Fender Set Fits 16.5” dual tires

The MIN 1600 Poly Fender is manufactured using a proprietary material and thermoformed using proprietary technology.

Designed with a unique outer lip, Minimizer fenders provide superior control of spray and debris off the tires.  That means clean, damage-free freight and a safer environment for you and other drivers on the road.  When dented or crushed they bounce back into shape. The material is extremely durable, impervious to salt and corrosion, and can withstand temperatures ranging from -100º F to 197º F.

Is weight a factor for you?  Minimizer offers the lightest truck fenders on the market!  A lighter fender can mean better fuel mileage, performance and efficiency.  You can carry more payload with lighter equipment.  That means a return on investment! 

MIN 1600 – The One Ton Single Axle Fender Set

  • The MIN 1600 poly fender is designed to fit a single axle tractor or trailer with dual 16.5″ wheels.
  • This set consists of 1 pair of black poly single axle fenders (2 – PM1601 single fenders).
  • The total weight of the MIN 1600 fender kit is less than 11 pounds.
  • *Bracket kits are sold separately*
This poly fender is designed to fit a single axle tractor, trailer or other heavy truck with 16.5” wheels.  The fender is impervious to the elements and won’t fade or chip for the life of the product.  That life is defined by the plastic fender’s warranty:  Minimizer guarantees the product for the life of the vehicle.  The heavy truck fender measures 41” long and 20” wide and weighs less than 11 pounds.