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Grote G5543 Yellow Hi Count® Double-Face LED STT Light w/ Side Marker, Packard Connector

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Grote G5543 Yellow/Yellow Hi Count® Double-Face LED Stop Tail Turn Light w/ Side Marker, Packard Connector

  • 2-stud mounting bolts
  • Includes reflex reflector
  • Attached three-wire harness
  • Attractive multiple-diode design
  • 25 diodes on either front or back with two diodes in the side marker
  • Material: ABS/Acrylic
  • FMVSS: A, I, T, P, P2
  • Color: Yellow/Yellow
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Voltage Amp: 12V / .775A (I)/ .038A (P, P2, T)