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Grote 55212 Red/Clear 4" Round LED Stop Tail Turn Lights with Integrated Backup


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Grote 55212 Red/Clear Integrated 4-Pin w/ Gray Polycarbonate Flange, Hard Shell Termination


  • Innovative patented design combines all Stop Tail Turn and Backup functions into one industry standard size lamp
  • A new robust design for consistent compliance utilizing dedicated LEDs for Stop and Tail
  • Provides high level electrical protection for: reverse voltage, over voltage, electrical transients, and overheating
  • Designed to meet electrical specifications of all major Class 8 truck manufacturers


  • Material: Lens: Red/Clear Polycarbonate Housing: Black Polycarbonate/ABS Blend Flange: Stainless Steel
  • FMVSS: I, S, T, R2
  • Voltage Amp: 12 Volt
  • Other: Assembly : Laser Weld

WARNING: California’s Proposition 65