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FPPF 8+ Cetane Improver 32 OZ. BOTTLE

FPPF Fuel Additives

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Significantly raise your fuel’s cetane level with FPPF 8+ Cetane Improver. Diesel engines function on the principle of auto-ignition. Proper diesel fuel cetane levels are critical to maximum engine performance. And most diesel fuels have a cetane number considerably lower than what is optimal for engine performance. FPPF 8+ Cetane Improver is the most powerful cetane improver on the market as it raises cetane in your diesel fuel up to eight points. When you want maximum performance and ignition, you need 8+ Cetane Improver.

Increase Cetane - Increase Efficiency 1 BOTTLE TREATS 250 GALLONS OF DIESEL FUEL

When used regularly, FPPF 8+ Cetane Improver offers these benefits:

  • Increases combustion
  • Improves engine efficiency
  • Increases power and acceleration
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Reduces engine noise
  • 100% soluble in all fuel oils
  • Free of alcohol
  • Improves cetane
  • Raises cetane up to eight points

Diesel engines function on the principle of Auto Ignition. The range of temperatures varies from 410°F to over 1040°F this wide range is due to lower cetane numbers. 8 Plus Cetane Improver will raise the cetane level of your fuel providing faster starting, reduced engine noise, reduced smoke and particulates, and increased power and acceleration.

WARNING: California’s Proposition 65