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ESI #315 MAXI Fuse Buddy™ Tester Kit

Electronic Specialties Inc

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ESI #315 MAXI Fuse Buddy™ Tester Kit

A Fuse Buddy tester for Maxi fuse circuits! Fuse Buddy Maxi can test up to 80 AMPS. There are numerous Heavy Duty & Automotive applications. With supplied adapters, #315 can also work with MINI and ATC circuits.

Easy access to measure amperage draws in MAXI, MINI & ATC circuits Can measure up to 80 Amps DC on MAXI fuse circuits

Features and Benefits
  • Unit PEAK HOLD and DATA HOLD functions
  • Deluxe LCD display features full ANALOG BAR GRAPH
  • Resolution: .1A (100 mA) - Accuracy: +2% of reading
  • Measurement range: 0 to 80 Amps / 48 Volts DC
  • Includes one 20 Amp MAXI fuse for use with MINI & ATC circuit testing

MAXI test applications include:

  • Anti-Lock Brake Circuits
  • Car Stereo Circuits
  • Power Distribution Circuits
  • Branch Circuits
  • Rear Window Defogger Circuits
  • Solar Power DC Branch Circuits
  • Traction Control Circuits
  • Solar Charge Controller Circuits
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Ciruits
  • Fire Engine Water Pumps

WARNING: California’s Proposition 65