Betts 710001 Red LED Shallow Lens Insert w/ 3 Eyelets for 40,45,47 Series Valox Lamps


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Betts 710001 Red (44) Diode LED 12v-24v Shallow Lens insert with (3) eyelets for 40, 45, 47 & 70 Series Valox Lamps

Betts New Design And Part# SR4FHM3E 

The original design of the multi-LED lens assemblies was 60 LED thru hole technology for the LEDs and components. The new design is a 44 LED surface mount technology for the LEDs and Components. This surface mount technology allows the design to be multi-volt with improved light output, improved surge protection and conformal coating for corrosion resistance.

LED lens inserts for 40, 45, 47 & 70 series lamps. Used in Betts plastic and aluminum body recessed and surface mount lamps. Lens assemblies feature (44) light emitting diodes in an epoxy on low power to provide marker or tail function that increase to high power output for stop or turn functions.

Features and Benefits
  • Red, Shallow LED lens insert
  • (44) Light emitting diodes 12-24 volt
  • (3) Wires R/B/W with (3)Eyelets
  • Fits 40, 45, 47 & 70 Series Valox Lamps.

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