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Betts 6 Pack of 710001 for Tankers / HD Trucks - B40JV and B45JV

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Brand New! - 6 Pack of Betts 710001 Snap on LED Lenses

Part #: 710001

One of the great things about Betts Lighting Products is that you do not need to change out the entire light to upgrade it to LED. With Betts products the base unit and the LED light itself are two different piece and can be detached from one another. They also are available with a couple of different plugs depending on the type of base unit you have. Below there are two pictures that will show the difference between the main two types. These are replacement LED inserts that go into Betts housings. There are 3 wires with eyelets coming out of the back. Can be used to replace incandescent bulbs. Used in Betts Valox body and surface mount lamps. Double contact polycarbonate lens assembly features sixty LED's on low power to provide tail or marker functions that increase to high power output when used as a stop or turn light. These LED lens inserts fit Betts 40, 45 and 47 series lights. Instructions
  • On lens it says "To remove lens pry under rim".
  • Using a flat head screwdriver, slowly pry old lens up.
  • Make connections with three leads from light.
  • Resnap lens onto body
Betts 710001 Lights