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Wisdom Wednesday: Used Car Edition

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

It’s Wisdom Wednesday! Today we are educating you on what you need to know about upkeep when buying a used car.

Sales of previously owned vehicles are booming, but many new owners may not realize what they’re in for in terms of upkeep.

  1. Read the manual cover to cover on Day 1. The owner’s manual will tell you when the various systems must be serviced. It will also show you how to find things like the oil-level dipstick, the coolant tank and the power-steering reservoir. Some provide instructions for maintenance jobs you can do yourself.
  2. Pay attention to your tires. Check air pressure weekly with a reliable gauge. Inflate the tires to the vehicle manufacturer’s specification.  Check that you have a spare because it’s more than likely you will need it one day.
  3. Check the oil; change the oil.  Use the type prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer. Check other fluid levels as well, including coolant, brake, power-steering and transmission fluids.
  4. Can you see clearly? If your windshield streaks when you turn on the wipers, it’s time to replace them. You’ll find instructions in your owner’s manual. Make sure you get the correct blades for your car.
  5. Let your lights shine.  Before purchasing a used car, make sure the lights work — high- and low-beam headlights, taillights, turn signals and brake lights. Thereafter, check them once a month.
  6. Be prepared for a breakdown. A set of jumper cables can help you start your car if its battery is drained and won’t turn the engine.  We recommend the NOCO jump starter to combat this problem. 
  7. Keep it clean. Washing your car will keep it looking good and protect it.

 Source: NY Times and Photo: clip art library



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