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Wisdom Wednesday: Uncommon Dashboard Light Symbols Explained

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

‘Dashboard lights are a car’s way of communicating to you – while some dashboard lights are fairly simple and straight forward like the seatbelt sign, hand brake sign or the warning sign – there are some uncommon signs that are worth knowing!

Check out the list of the some of the un-common dashboard lights that might pop up on your dashboard depending on what car you drive.

Rear Spoiler Warning

This warning pops up when you have an issue with rear spoiler (if available) - it's either stuck going in or out, or some malfunction within the system.

Catalytic Converter Warning

This light pops up on your dashboard when you the catalytic converter is either overheating or not operating as intended by the manufacturer.

Clogged Air Filter Warning

This light shows up on the dashboard when there is reduced airflow to the engine implying a dirty air filter.

Brake Light Warning

This light would pop-up on your dashboard when any of your exterior brake light bulb has bust and needs replacing.

Adaptive Suspension Warning

This light means there's some trouble with the adaptive suspension on your car.

Rain and Light Sensor

For cars that have the auto wipers and lights - this light means there's an issue with rain sensor system.

Exhaust Fluid

For diesel cars - this means that the exhaust fluid is running low and needs to be topped up.

Blinker Fluid Low

This is possibly the most dangerous light you would ever see in your dashboard - this is the blinker fluid low warning light; under this circumstance it's advised to pull over quickly and call your road side assistance for help.

You don't want to be driving with low blinker fluid - it's very dangerous.’

-Drivetribe.com, August 2019 & Photos from Drivetribe


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