Wisdom Wednesday: Making Sure Your Car Hasn’t Deteriorated During Lockdown

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We all have been driving much less than we usually do so this Wednesday we are Making Sure Your Car Hasn’t Deteriorated During Lockdown!

We have all put off many a things like the dentist, haircuts, etc. during this pandemic but one thing that you should not put off is car maintenance, ESPECIALLY if you aren’t driving much.

There are some things that can be put off while others can’t.

What can be put off:

🚗Tire rotation is dependent on miles driven, not time.
🚙 Engine coolant, air and cabin filters are all tied to usage.

😱One thing that surprised me was that shorter trips, which we have all been making for the last year, actually put more strain on your car and are considered “severe duty.”

‘Short trips do not bring the engine up to operating temperature, which is necessary to rid the oil of moisture that accumulates in normal use. Nor does the engine coolant circulate and deliver anti-corrosion additives to vital spots. Longer drives also help make sure that vital components like gears and bearings maintain a coating of lubricant.’

What needs to be taken care of right away:

🚗 Changing your oil.
🚙 Checking your battery-batteries decline after 3 years and give up altogether 5-7 years.
🚗 Replacing the timing belt in engines that use them.
🚙 Don’t forget to check your brakes-look for corrosion, dirty hydraulic fluid systems.
🐭 Check your hood for mice and rodents. YUCK!

🚗 Comment below with what you’re going to take care of first!

And as always, come stop by any of our locations (link in bio) and we can help you with all of your car maintenance needs!

Source: NY times

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