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Wisdom Wednesday: Here's The Gear You'll Need If You Insist On Driving Your Convertible This Autumn

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

Wisdom Wednesday: Here's The Gear You'll Need If You Insist On Driving Your Convertible This Autumn

Yesterday was the first day of fall which means cooler temperatures are coming in. ‘ If you prep properly, you can still squeeze in a few more chilly weekends out of your convertbles. We’ve got all the gear you need to keep warm(ish) and stylish as you top-down drive to your heart’s content.

  1. Hat-the first thing you need to do before dropping the top on that tossable roadster is protect your noggin’ from chilly wind with a winter hat — one that doesn’t make you look like you’re going logging. 
  2. Driving Gloves-your hands shouldn’t just stay warm (but not sweaty warm), they should look stylish, too. 
  3. Sweater coat-this impeccably crafted, super-warm outer layer is tough enough to take the cold and plenty sophisticated for your fall convertible drive. 
  4. Heattech T-shirt-yes, you do need a base layer on your spirited drive, but not one that’s noticeable above your neckline; you may decide to stop at a local eatery to give your car a rest after putting it through the ropes. 
  5. Sunglasses-since everyone’s going to see your uncloaked mug as you drive top-down, your sunglasses should be as fashionable as they are functional. 
  6. Corduroys or warm pants-what, did you think we were going to send you off in a pair of Nomex fire-retardant pants? You’re not a race car driver, pal. Get comfortable and warm in the pilot seat with corduroys or warm pants.
  7. Bag-you’ll need something gentlemanly but still masculine to carry your essentials should you stop to see the sights somewhere on your drive.
  8. Driving shoes-these are a must, but they don’t have to look like you stepped right off the track.
  9. Chap stick-even though the warmth seems to have left the air, the sun’s still ready to nail you — and let’s not even talk about the wind. 
  10.  Sunscreen-even on cloudy days, you should always throw on a layer of sunscreen to avoid harmful rays. '

Source: Business Insider October 2013, Photo BMI MIni of Sterling Wordpress


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