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Tuesday Tip: 6 Vehicle Warning Smells Your Car Can Recognize

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

‘Odors are definitely evidence of something wrong. Here are six vehicle warning smells:

  1. Burnt Rubber

This smell could mean slipping drive belts or misplaced loose hoses that might be rubbing against rotating accessory drive pulleys.

Caution: Do not reach in if engine is hot.

  1. Hot Oil

This smell could mean that oil is leaking onto the exhaust system.

Caution: Turn of the engine before checking for the leak.

  1. Gasoline

This smell is likely the sign of a possible gas leak, a fuel injector line, the fuel tank, or a bad gas cap.

Caution: Any smell of fuel is a possible hazard, so immediate attention should be given.

  1. Sweet Syrup

This smell might be a sign that the car is leaking engine coolant from a component related to the car’s cooling system.

Caution: Do not open the radiator cap when it is hot.

  1. Burning Carpet

This smell could be the sign of brake trouble. Have your brakes checked right away, especially if this smell is happening during normal driving conditions.

Caution: Brake trouble is a serious safety hazard.

  1. Rotten Eggs

This smell could mean that the catalytic converter is not converting hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust to sulfur dioxide properly.

Caution: A poor running engine can cause the catalytic converter to become overloaded and fail due to meltdown.

- Automotive Service Garage,, 8/30/2019


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