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Toplesss Tuesdayz: 1970 Pontiac GTO The Judge

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

‘The Judge was first introduced in ’69 and close to 7,000 GTO’s were fitted with the package. However, none were convertibles. They only arrived a year later when the GTO sales plummeted. Less than 4,000 ’70 GTO’s were fitted with The Judge package and only 168 of them were convertibles. Only six of them, however, came with the no cost D-Port 455 HO option making 360 horsepower. Furthermore, there were also 6 The Judge convertibles fitted with the automatic transmission and RA IV engine. The same RA IV which was criminally underrated at 370 horsepower and on which, as speculated back then, the PMD was losing $1,000 in every single model. Maybe that’s the reason they were so rare and didn’t make the ’71 cut. Even in 1971, there were only 17 GTO The Judge convertibles, although all of them had the 455 HO option. Cool cars like this are extremely hard to find, so if you’re looking for an affordable classic then you might want to look for other convertibles for sale instead!’

-, 10/25/2019 & Photo from Autowise


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