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Toplesss Tuesdayz: 1969 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

‘One of the most renowned muscle cars of the bygone era hasn’t featured a convertible between 1969 and 1991. Only 8 Firebird Trans Am convertibles were ordered, and all of them were RA III models. In other words, all of them were fitted with the Ram Air III V8 engine. That was the second strongest option at the time having 400 cubic inches and 335 horses. Only 345-horsepower Ram Air IV of the same displacement was more powerful. Finally, four of them were automatics and the other half of them were manuals. Seven have been accounted for and they’re all in fine shape while the eighth is still missing.’

- Autowise, 10/25/2019 & Photo from Autowise


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