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Top 10 Changes To Stop/Start Vehicles, Part 1: Larger or Multiple Batteries

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

It's Feature Friday! We have a new segment entitled, 'Top 10 Changes To Stop/Start Vehicles.' This is the 1st installment of a 10-part series.

'A vehicle with a stop/start system is coming to your bays or might already be there. These systems can improve fuel economy by 5-12% depending on the driving habits of the customer. It is essential to understand what is different on these vehicles and how it might change your diagnostic approach.

Part 1: Larger or Multiple Batteries

When the engine stops so does the alternator. The battery must run the HVAC, infotainment and other systems with little or no disruption. Most stop/start systems use a deep cycle aggregated glass mat battery (AGM). This type of battery requires different testing methods and shop chargers. Some systems use a second battery to handle non-starter loads so the customer doesn’t notice any disruption to HVAC or audio.'

Be on the lookout next week for part 2: Transmission.

- ImportCar, June 2019 & photos from ImportCar


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