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Top 10 Changes to Start/Stop Vehicles, Part 9: The Cooling System and Part 10: Sensors & Shared Information

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

It's Feature Friday! We are concluding our series on the, 'Top 10 Changes to Stop/Start Vehicles.' This is the 9th and 10th installments.

‘Part 9: Cooling System

Some stop/start vehicles are using an auxiliary water pump to move the coolant in the block, head and heater core so the engine will not be heat soaked from the coolant not moving.

Part 10: Smarter Vehicles with More Sensors and Shared Information

A stop/start system is not just one module. It is a complex strategy among many modules sharing information from cabin humidity to crankshaft position to determine what happens at the next stoplight. For the technician, it means that serial data communication bus and electrical diagnostics will be much more important in the future.’

-  ImportCar, June 2019 & photo from ImportCar


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