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Top 10 Changes to Start/Stop Vehicles, Part 6: Electrical System

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

It's Feature Friday! Our continued series is about the, 'Top 10 Changes to Stop/Start Vehicles.' This is the 6th installment of a 10-part series.

Part 6: Electrical System

'Imagine if a stop/start car shut down and once the driver lifted their foot from the brake pedal the engine did not restart. To prevent this from happening, stop/start systems have three or more ways to measure the condition of the battery. The first measurement is voltage coming from the battery. Second, the system measures current and loads at the battery with coil winding like a current clamp on the positive battery cable. Third, most systems measure the temperature of the battery directly or through data PIDs for underhood temperatures.

With this information, the ECM can predict if a stop/start cycle is possible. It is also a very good indicator of the health of the battery. Many systems will turn on a battery life indicator if it detects a low battery.'

- ImportCar, June 2019 & photo from ImportCar


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