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Top 10 Changes to Start/Stop Vehicles, Part 5: Oil

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

It's Feature Friday! Our continued segment is about the, 'Top 10 Changes To Stop/Start Vehicles.' This is the 5th installment of a 10-part series.

Part 5: Oil

'New oil standards from the OEMs, API and ILSAC have new tests to help measure if the engine oil protects components like the camshaft, crankshaft and the bearings during stop/start operation. Most of these tests measure how the oil sticks to the surfaces. Also, engine manufacturers are using electric pumps, accumulators and valving to keep the oil flowing and prevent too much oil from draining into the pan. Turbocharged engines that have a stop/start system have a pump that circulates oil to prevent it from coking up in the housing and lines.'

- ImportCar, June 2019 & photo from 


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