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The Super Car Scene Nobody Knows Exists

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

‘Exotics, Supercars, Hypercars - who doesn't love to spot them? Whether you're into car spotting or not, you've got to admit, it's a thrill to catch a glimpse of a McLaren on the open streets, or hear the sound of a Lamborghini V12 roaring past you on the freeway. Unless you're spoiled, you might not even bat an eye at something 'as old as' a Ferrari F430, or 'as common as' a Porsche GT3RS. Often, those who are spoiled live in an area that has a higher-than-average concentration of rare, valuable, and collectable vehicles. To them, seeing an exotic on the road every week is just business as usual. To most of us, seeing an exotic on the road more than once or twice a month, would be an absolute treat.

So where do these spoiled spotters usually live? Where can I go in order to see such a high concentration of dream machines? If you're outside the US, you might think of places like London, Dubai, or Milan. If you're inside the US, you likely think of places like Miami, NYC, or LA. While all six of these are fantastic places to spot cars, they're not why I sat down to write this article. I'm here to tell you about a contender for the best location to spot exotics, supercars, and hypercars - Connecticut.

It's likely if you're outside the US, you've never heard of Connecticut - heck, unless you love geography, you might not even recall Connecticut if you were born and raised in the United States! Connecticut is the 3rd smallest state in the US. For my US readers, it's 1/30th the size of California, and for my European readers, it's half the size of Sicily. It's a state that doesn't offer much, unfortunately. No large tourist attractions, significant architectural feats, or defining landscapes. I'm not intentionally bashing Connecticut, but after all, I lived there for over 20 years and I only really found one highlight - the car scene.

Meanwhile, in Connecticut, in 2018

To say "Connecticut has cool cars" is a gross understatement. Even saying "Connecticut has rare and valuable cars" is an understatement! What Connecticut does have, is among the most saturated concentration of ultra-rare, uber-expensive, exceedingly valuable vehicles in a single place, on our entire planet. You can find a hypercar a week if you know where to look - and with the state only being 109 miles across, you can get to any destination in less than 5 hours. Even so, you don't usually have to travel even that far to see a multi-million dollar vehicle. All my claims are great, but where are the facts? Can I prove what I say is true? Yes, yes I can.

Pagani. If you don't know them, you should. They make art on wheels - in my opinion, the highest quality vehicles this world has to offer in terms of craftsmanship, elegance, and attention to detail. There are less than 400 in total in the world, and 117 are in the United States. Just over a quarter of those - 32 to be exact - reside in Connecticut. This number includes some of the most exclusive models, including 4 of 20 Huayra BC, 1 of 15 Zonda R, and 1 of 5 Roadster Cinque.

Connecticut car show, 2017

Bugatti. Known for holding the title "World's Fastest Car" from 2009 to now, with a small hiccup (Koenigsegg) in 2018. A manufacturer known for producing vehicles that pump out more than 1,000 HP from factory, and using engines as extreme as W16s. Connecticut is home to 16 of these beasts: 5 Chiron, 3 EB110 GT, an EB110 SS, 3 Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport, 2 Veyron 16.4, and 2 Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse.

The only Bugatti Chiron in the world at the time, 2016

Koenigsegg. Technological advances drive them. Briefly stealing Bugatti's "World's Fastest Car" title, they have been on the frontlines of automotive innovation for years. With even more limited numbers than Pagani, only 33 of these beasts have found their way to the US. Connecticut is home to a 1 of 2 Agera RS XS.

Here are some statistics. In Connecticut, the ratio of luxury cars (Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and the like) to domestic vehicles is higher than anywhere else in the country. Because of this, Uber Black and Uber Premium were both introduced first, in Connecticut. Connecticut has more exotic vehicles per capita than any other state. But my favorite statistic is one I've formulated myself - the Hypercar/Sq.Mile Ratio. There are 62 vehicles registered in Connecticut that I would say fit into the hypercar category. Most are listed above, some are listed below. Connecticut is 5,543 Sq.Miles. This means for every 88 Sq.Miles - 88 out of 5,543 - there's a hypercar.

I can't realistically list out ALL the cool cars Connecticut offers, nor will I try. Even so, here's a highlight reel of some of the coolest Connecticut vehicles I know about. There's a 1 of 50 Maserati MC12, and a 1 of 12 Maserati MC12 Corsa. They live within 15 miles of each other. There's a unicorn, the Ferrari F50, and its brother the F40 - the only factory green F40 ever produced. Speaking of Ferrari, Connecticut boasts both a 250 GTO and a Le Mans winning 250 TRI/61. I also know of an SP1 Monza, and at least 7 LaFerraris. What a lineup! Connecticut is also home to the only De Tomaso dealership in North America, and one of the only places you'll ever see the De Tomaso P72.

Five Ford GT40's at Greenwich Cars & Coffee, Connecticut

McLaren has a rather wide market in Connecticut, even though it's such a tiny state. I know there's at least 1 coveted F1, 9 different P1's, and 8 Senna that I've seen. There's also a couple Jaguar XJ220's, a Jaguar XJR15, and some Vector W8's, if you fancy the lesser known beasts. The sheer volume of rare, exclusive, and sought after classic and modern Porsche, Aston Martin, Maserati, Alpha Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti, Jaguar, Mercedes, concepts, racecars, one-offs, and more, is absolutely indescribable. At the bottom of this article is a gallery of some of my favorite cars I've seen in the state of Connecticut.

While individual owners of individual cars are great, Connecticut also offers some of the most stunning dealerships and private collections in the United States. Miller Motorcars is a name you've likely heard before. Located in Greenwich, Connecticut, they have dealerships and showrooms for all of the following brands: Ferrari, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce, McLaren, Pagani, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, De Tomaso, and Pininfarina. I would highly advise checking out their Instagram and YouTube channel to view their rich history of stunningly rare inventory.

As far as private collections are concerned, Shmee150 has brought to light some, but not all, of the highlight collections in Connecticut. If you go through his videos from his tour in America, 5-6 videos included him in Connecticut, including this one below, which he has captioned "Hypercar Heaven!"


All in all, Connecticut is a supercar treasure trove with endless discoveries to be made. In 2018 I moved to North Carolina, and I often tell people "The only things I miss about CT are my friends and the cars." If you ever get a chance to visit the state, schedule your trip around a big car show - that's the only way I can guarantee it'll be worth it. If you enjoyed this article, please consider following me, bumping this post, sharing it, and commenting about your favorite rare vehicle. Also, check out my automotive photography Instagram page, @Stinger_Auto, where you can enjoy some of my best pictures!’

- Drivetribe.com, 6/7/2020 and Photos from Stinger Auto


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