How to Prep for Fall

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Fall is on its way and you should prepare for the coming season.

Here’s what you can do to make your transition a little easier:

  • Take a Look at Your Tires: This is a good time to rotate your tires, so that they wear evenly. Make sure to check for tread wear and replace beat-down tires with new ones. 

  • Change Your Oil: Fresh quarts of oil will help your engine run smoother during the more demanding months.

  • Replace Your Wiper Blades: Windshield wiper blades wear down with use and age. They can wear down to the point at which it can come in contact with glass, which can cause damage to the windshield.

  • Refresh Your Fluids: It's a good time to make sure that all of your car’s fluids are clean and topped off. When temperatures drop, the fluids can move more slowly through the engine. Drain and replace your coolant, especially if you live in areas that experience drastic changes in temperature.

  • Fix Any Scratches: Harsh weather conditions will turn any blemishes into rust. Repair any scratches to avoid deterioration.

  • Have Winter Emergency Gear in Your Car: In addition to an ice scraper and a car emergency kit, make sure you have other necessary gear in your car. Things like dry gas, a winter coat, gloves, a hat, a change of socks, a blanket, a bottle of water, and some snacks will be useful if you ever get stranded.

  • Check the Air in Your Spare Tire: Whether it's a full-size spare or a temporary spare, make sure to adjust the pressure according to the manufacturer's recommendation. It will be printed in the tire itself.

  • Buy New Floor Mats: Traditional carpet mats are actually not ideal for winter because they remain damp and hold filth. Newer mats can capture any debris and are easy to clean. Weather protected mats also preserve the carpet in your car.

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