How To Avoid Fall Leaf Damage

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They may look pretty but did you know that falling leaves can damage your vehicle?

More Leaves, More Problems

  • Dangerous Roads: Not only can leaves make the roads slick and cause your car to slide, but they can hide potholes, curbs, and road markings.
  • Paint Problems: Sap, pollen, and acid from leaves can stain and damage the paint finish on your car, especially if the leaves are wet. The longer you leave the leaves on your car, the harder they are to get off and the more damage they cause.
  • Clogs and Damage: Leaves can also do some damage to the internal parts of your car. They can get into the air filter and cause damage and can clog drains on your vehicle. 

Tips for Staying Safe During the Autumn Season:

  • Drive slowly and keep your distance between cars so you don't have to slam on brakes and risk the chance of sliding, potentially causing an accident.
  • Don’t park under trees or if you must, park under trees that have already lost most of their leaves.
  • Remove leaves often, daily if you can, and use your hands to limit scratches.
  • Consider a car cover to protect against leaf damage but also snow, scratches, ice and more.
  • Wash your car more often during the fall season.
  • Once all the leaves have fallen and winter is on its way, give your car one last deep clean – make sure you wax it and remove all the leaves that may be hiding in small spots, like under the windshield wipers.

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