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Happy National Dog Day!

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

Check out these safety tips for riding in cars with your buddies.

Have you ever found that most dogs love riding in cars? It's not just because riding in a car is fun, it's mostly about the shared experience with their owners.They love you and you're in the car with them so they in turn love riding in cars!

Here are a few tips on how to keep your best friends safe while traveling in cars:

1. Never leave a dog alone in the car, especially in heat. This can prove to be a fatal mistake.

2.  Understand motion sickness and pay attention to subtle symptoms include yawning, extra drooling, etc.

3. Food can trigger motion sickness.

4. Deal with dog's traveling jitters by taking short, positive rides to get them used to the car and face their fears.

5. Use the buddy system.

6. Some dogs remember a lot including where their vet's office is.

7. Don't wait until it's an emergency.

8. Drugs can be a short term fix.

9. Dog carriers and dog crates are safer.

10. Buckle up in the back.

11. Hide his eyes or distract the nose.

12. More pressure can be a good thing like calming vests.

13. Even though they love it, keep their heads in the car to avoid debris and negative side effects from cold air.

14. Have identification tags ready.

15. Take a dog backpack or carrier.

Source: https://topdogtips.com/traveling-with-dogs-in-cars/



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