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Feature Friday, The Ugliest Cars of the 1970s, Part 2 of 6:

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1970 Porsche 914

It is difficult to design a well-proportioned mid-engine car (though we'd argue that Chevrolet has finally done it), but there's more to the Porsche 914's strangeness than the huge expanse of space between the B-pillar and the rear wheel. There's just something about the 914—its awkwardly swept-back greenhouse, its super-square squared-off bodywork, its relatively unadorned lines—that makes it not only a dorky-looking car, but one that has accepted its dorkiness. We're not saying that dorkiness is unappealing; we love the 914. But we think a Porsche should be styled like a car you dream about, not the reality you wake up to.

1970 Saab Sonett III

The third-generation Sonett was designed with American buyers in mind but the Sonett showed up with this elongated schnozzle, made worse by the big 5-mph bumper jammed onto the front end. And as if the proportions weren't bad enough, the elongated front contrasted sharply with its awkwardly curtailed tail. No wonder Americans didn't take Saabs seriously until the 900 came along.

1972 Subaru GL Coupe

Subaru, like other Japanese automakers, was making steady inroads into the US market with smart, efficient, and practical small cars that were sensible, if not exactly stylish. So, their designers tried stylish, and this is what happened. Our guess is that the Subaru GL was just a little too long to fit into the shipping crate, and the solution was to cut eight inches off the tail, stick on a bumper and taillights, and send it on its way.’

- Automobilemag, 4/10/2020 & Photos from Automobilemag


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