Feature Friday: The 11 Best Movie Muscle Cars, Part Seven

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

Hollywood Knights (1980) — 1965 Pontiac GTO

‘Our favorite first-gen movie GTO is the red 1965 hardtop in this raunchy teenage flick about a bunch of rich car nut teenagers in ritzy Beverly Hills in 1965.

Hollywood Knights is filled with American beauties including a real 427 Shelby Cobra, the Project X ’57 Chevy in its prime and a beautiful silver ’65 El Camino, but the coolest muscle car in this flick is the GTO. Seen throughout the film, it’s perfectly period with a black vinyl top, raised suspension, big tires and a set of Cragar S/S mags. And it sounds like it has headers and aftermarket exhaust. It’s exactly the “Day 2” look that’s so hot right now. Unfortunately, after quite a bit of digging we came up empty on the movie car’s provenance or whereabouts today. Anyone know where it is?’

Source: Hagerty, Photo: IMCBD

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