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Feature Friday, Preventative Tip Part 3: Automatic Slack Adjusters

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

This Feature Friday is 3 of a 4-part series that gives you tips on how to prevent key air system and brake components from failing due to improper maintenance practices and how to keep your vehicle on the road and operating in good condition.

Part 3: Automatic Slack Adjusters      

'Out at the wheel-ends, automatic slack adjusters (ASA) represent another not-uncommon component found in the warranty pile. Greasing an ASA serves two vital purposes: Forcing the new lubricant in purges the old grease, along with any water or contaminants that have found their way in; and it protects the adjuster’s internal gear sets, clutches, and other components from wear. Both are necessary to maintain correct brake stroke and provide optimal stopping performance, and all it takes is injecting new grease through the grease fitting.'

Look out for next week’s post, Part 4: Air Disc Brakes
-Truckinginfo, 7/10/2019 and photo by 5bestthings.com


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