Feature Friday, Preventative Tip Part 2: Compressors

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This Feature Friday is 2 of a 4-part series that gives you tips on how to prevent key air system and brake components from failing due to improper maintenance practices and how to keep your vehicle on the road and operating in good condition.
Part 2: Compressors 
'Water in the service tanks can also be a result of a mismatch between the output of the air compressor and the capacity of the air dryer, especially in systems equipped with larger compressors to meet high air demand. If there’s too much air demand, the dryer’s charge-and-purge cycle may not provide enough desiccant regeneration since the compressor is running constantly and the dryer is not purging enough moisture to keep the desiccant from saturating. In cases like this, a vehicle might require an extended purge dryer or a continuous flow dryer, or even two dryers in tandem. If the system is experiencing difficulty building air pressure, just look for leaks. Some dryers have multi-circuit connections with multiple fittings and hoses connected; sometimes you’ll find small cracks in air hoses; and sometimes you’ll find discharge lines clogged with carbon. None of these issues requires replacing a compressor or dryer.'
Look out for next week’s post, Part 3: Automatic Slack Adjusters
-Truckinginfo, 7/10/2019 and photo by freepik.com

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