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Feature Friday, Preventative Tip Part 1: Air Dryers

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

This new Feature Friday is 1 in a 4-part series giving you tips to prevent key air system and brake components from failing due to improper maintenance practices and how to keep your vehicle on the road and in good operating condition.

Part 1: Air Dryers 

‘Moisture in a vehicle’s compressed air system isn’t good: It can lead to corrosion and reduce the effectiveness of lubricants. Mix it with oil aerosols, and water can contaminate valves and deteriorate seals, impacting everything from brake performance to automated manual transmissions. A properly functioning air dryer is absolutely crucial – and dryers are a regular point of discussion on the so-called warranty pile.

When someone can’t get water out of their air system’s service tanks, the assumption tends to be that there’s something wrong with the dryer. A lot of the time, though, other factors have come into play, and that the dryer itself isn’t the culprit.

Dryer location and routing of the discharge air line from the compressor to the air dryer matter greatly but aren’t always properly considered. A dryer mounted under the hood, for example, may be in an environment that doesn’t allow for the required temperature differential between its hot side and cold side. Additionally, the discharge line may not be sufficiently cooled. Proper maintenance practices can keep that from happening.'

-Truckinginfo via Bendix, 7/10/2019 and photo by Shutterstock


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