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Feature Friday, Part 5 of 8, New Cars Announced for 2020:

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Our list of the hottest cars of 2020 continues. Here are the next ones:


Genesis G70 Coupe

Predicted Cost: $53,245

The Genesis is a luxury division of the popular South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai, and was first founded just 4 years ago towards the end of 2015. While being fairly competitive, it still has a long way from reaching mainstream attention, with Genesis G70 Coupe as its newest addition to the Genesis series for 2020. The company made sure to pull out all the stops and provide the consumer with a versatile and edgy vehicle that tries to compete with the German giants.

The G70 will have a set of 3.3 liter twin-turbo V6 engines that push together an impressive 365 horsepower. The vehicle is set to face off with some fierce competition, mainly from the Audi RS4 and the BMW M3, but it seems Genesis will give them a good fight with this year’s updated model. You can expect this athletic sedan to go from zero to sixty in about four seconds, making it a great player in the competitive sport sedans market. The G70 is part of Genesis’ efforts to compete in multiple new frontiers, including their Essentia EV which is an all-electric supercar with a zero to sixty acceleration at a whopping three seconds.


Predicted Cost: $70,000

While the BMW 7-Series is one of the German automakers' best executive luxury cars, the M3 is a pure beast that’s made for speed enthusiasts who are looking for an extremely fast and stable racer. BMW recently described their 2020 release of the M3 as having their strongest ever engine. The 2020 M3 will be powered by the same twin-turbo six-cylinder S58 engine as its high-performance SUVs, the X3M and the X4M, so you can expect 510 horsepowers and a zero to sixty of less than three seconds.

It's speculated that the new M3 will cost around $70,000 as a starting price, but as you probably know by now, adding even some of BMW's optional add-ons will quickly turn the price up to a much higher amount. It’s going to be a hard choice for sports enthusiasts whether to go for the BMW M3 or the upcoming 2020 Audi RS4; What’s known for sure is that both cars are extremely impressive and will give any speed daredevil a run for their money.'

- Herald Weekly, 8/22/2019 & photos from Respective Dealers


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