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Feature Friday, Part 2 of 8: New Cars Announced for 2020

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

Our list of the hottest cars of 2020 continues. Here are the next three:

Pininfarina Battista

Predicted Cost: $3 million

‘In case you thought this couldn’t get any crazier, apparently, the Divo has already been bested in terms of performance by this electric supercar. The Pininfarina Battista, otherwise known as the “car of the future”, is a fully-carbon built monster designed for pure speed, with 1,900 horsepower (much more than the Divo), 1696 pound-feet of torque and a zero to sixty acceleration at a mere 2 seconds. This creation by Rimac, which we’ve previously featured for their electric C_2 supercar, is a very exclusive vehicle with only 150 units being made and sold for around $3 million each.

The Pininfarina Battista is considered the world's most powerful road-legal car ever designed and also the world's first pure electric luxury hyper GT. Its name is a tribute to the founder of Pininfarina, Battista Farina. If you’re looking for a car that will take you from zero to 200 miles per hour in less time than it takes for most car to reach 60, and also you happen to have a few million dollars lying around, you should definitely check out the limited Pininfarina Battista which will most likely run out of units very soon. We’d be happy just to sit on the side and keep staring at this beauty.

Alfa Romeo GTV

Predicted Cost: $75,000

Alfa Romeo’s upcoming 2020 GTV is the more luxurious brother of the popular Giulia series. The hybrid GTV has over 600 horsepower thanks to its 2.9 litre twin-turbo V6 and its electric motor which can drive for just 30 miles on purely electric mode. We expect to drive Alfa Romeo's new creation in 2021 and see how it holds up against its popular German rivals, the BMW 4-series, Audi A5 and Mercedes C-class Coupe.

It's highly likely that the 2020 Alfa Romeo GTV will cost more than its Giulia brother, and most likely more than $40,000 but less than $80,000 with upgraded models likely adding another $10k to the total price tag. Were also expecting Alfa Romeo to introduce lower-tier versions of the car for those with tighter budgets that will offer a better price tag at the cost of some of its performance abilities. Whether or not the car will be a success likely depends on how it will be received in this crowded market. Lately the company has seen a very respectable increase in sales, we hope they do right in 2020 to continue this momentum.

Jaguar F-Type

Predicted Cost: $61,600

If there’s a car that truly justifies Jaguar’s name, it would be, without a doubt, the Jaguar F-Type R model. This supercar is a fast and mean machine, and anyone who’s ever heard an F-Type R start will tell you it roars and crackles just like a Jaguar should thank to the incredible 5-L V8 engine. The F-Type comes in multiple versions depending on your budget and preferences; With all of them being quite fast but nevertheless adding incremental speed. You can choose from a 2-L, four-cylinder engine, a 3-L V6 engine, or a 5-L V8 engine that produces 575 horsepower.

The car also comes in a convertible version which detracts a bit from the perfect build but definitely makes the ride cooler. With all options of the car you’ll be getting high-quality stitched leather seating with all the expected amenities such as seat warmers. In-terms of gas mileage you’re looking at about 23 miles per gallon in the city and 30 on the highway, but nobody really buys an F-Type to save on their gas bill. The new Jag sports a slightly reshaped bumper and new taillights on the 2020 F-Type's exterior design and some improvements to its infotainment system including a more feature-rich touchscreen. Other than that not much has changed, and that's good because the Jaguar F-Type is already quite amazing.’

- Herald Weekly, 8/22/2019 & Photo from Respective Dealers


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