Feature Friday: Is This a Bad Muscle Car? 1994 Ford Mustang

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

New series time! You be the judge! Brake for It has listed some of the worst muscle cars of all time. We wanna know what you think.

‘The Ford Mustang has had many generations that failed before Ford realized their mistakes and started making cars that people could actually enjoy. The 1994 Mustang was just another one of their complete fails because of the car's small changes.

On the outside, the car barely had any updates to its body and it just looked like the same Mustang we had all been accustomed to. Under the hood, the Mustang had an even sadder engine that only had a V6 engine that got under 150 horsepower.’

Tell us your thoughts. Is this a bad muscle car?

Vote yay or nay now.

Source: Brake for It

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