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Feature Friday: GSP CV Axle

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

Today for Feature Friday we are featuring GSP CV Axles! Did you know that over time CV axles wear out and if you do not replace them, you could put yourself in a dangerous driving situation?

The most cost effective way to keep your CV axles up to par is to replace them instead of repairing them. It is also suggested to replace both at the same time because if one is worn out, the other will be worn out shortly after.

Here are a few signs that you should replace your CV axles: clicking when turning, excessive wheel/steering vibrations, grease on wheels or suspension components.

Why do we suggest GSP? Joints are assembled with high temp moly grease, high strength, corrosion resistant clamps, premium neoprene boosts resist abrasion, and CNC machined assemblies ensure proper tolerance, and long life. If you need yours replaced, come to one of our 8 locations or visit us at levineauto.com.

Source: GSP North America


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