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Feature Friday: Amphibious Cars, The Panther

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

Happy Feature Friday, everyone! You made it through another week! We are circling back to Amphibious Cars That Can Run on Both Land and Water and featuring the Panther.
‘This is the first amphibious SUV on the list and it is as capable to travel on mud and sand as it is capable of travelling in water. The Panther can reach speeds of up to 80 mph on land and 44 mph in water. It is powered by a 3.7-liter Honda VTEC engine when on land and a Panther Jet Engine while in water. Water car is the same company which created the Python, the world’s fastest amphibious car. The Python was capable of speeds over 125 mph on land and 60 mph in the water. ‘

Source: Wonderful Engineering


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