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COVID-19: Its Effect on the Transportation Industry

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

‘The Coronavirus has crippled many businesses but the transportation industry continues to work hard supplying goods worldwide. Many businesses have been deemed non-essential, thus being forced to shut their doors, yet the transportation industry has stayed open to keep essentials moving; shipping much needed medical supplies and keeping the grocery stores stocked of everyday items that we take for granted.

Truckers are facing unprecedented times while battling the Coronavirus pandemic. They are challenged with long hours and long wait times with shipments. If we learn one thing from this, it is that one of the most “essential industries” is trucking! Without these hard-working people, we would not have food, medical supplies, or paper goods. In addition to working long hours and the daily infection risk, many truckers struggle to find food, shelter, and even a simple hot shower. These men and women are playing a vital role in keeping the entire world rolling.

Truck manufactures and fleets across the world have also been affected by this pandemic. Volvo/Mack, International, and Daimler have all halted production for a minimum of two weeks. The auto manufacturers such as GM, Ford, and Fiat have also suspended production for a minimum of two weeks. Manufacturers such as Good Year, Bridgestone, and Michelin also have suspended manufacturing. Cummins has suspended manufacturing of their midrange engine division. Fleets servicing many retail businesses will suffer with the recent closing of malls and retail stores. The food service group is projecting a loss of over $25 billion over the next few months. Manufacturers of aftermarket truck parts struggle to keep up with demand as well as keeping a healthy work force.

With one out of four people under stay-at-home quarantine, we are witnessing the new normal. People who normally ate out regularly are eating meals at home. Households are worried about running out of everyday essentials like food, toilet paper, and paper towel. If the government starts to implement total shut down of the United States to contain the virus, freight will more than likely wind down to a slow trickle. How long is this new normal going to continue? Not even the experts can predict. This interruption in the economy is almost certain to globally impact not only the freight and shipping industry but the many manufacturing components and part suppliers directly associated with the industry as well. This disease is not discriminatory and affects everyone globally.

Thank you to all the truckers!’

- MGMBrakes, 4/17/2020 & Photo from Truckenterprises


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