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Car of the Week: BMW i8

Posted by Jess Stoeckeler on

10 Interesting Facts About the BMW i8:
1. BMW i8 are cars with the lowest focus of the current models of BMW.

2. This is BMW's first car to use the new engine: 1.5 liter engine, 3-cylinder. Essentially this is a half of the six-cylinder engine line.

3. As the first car of BMW with three options moving mode: front wheel - FWD, the rear wheels - RWD, and four-wheel drive - AWD. In electric mode, the BMW i8 will use front wheel drive, while the petrol engine only operation, rear-wheel-drive system on the i8 will operate, and the mode hybrid powertrain four-wheel drive is activated.

4. Glass used in the rear window of the BMW i8 is glass Gorilla Glass, the same type of glass used on smartphones and tablets high. This special glass is used to help absorb sound from the engine, reduce noise in the cabin.

5. BMW i8 BMW M3 lighter now. BMW uses carbon fiber reinforced plastics to build the chassis and body, helping to increase firmness and dry weight of the car down to just 1,490 kg, 200 kg lighter than the M3.This allows the BMW i8 faster than the M3, though the car owner lower strength.

6. Electric motors and drives the front wheels on the i8 comes with two-speed automatic transmission. This engine is always running when the eDrive mode, and will support power mode hybrid vehicle.

7. This is BMW's first car to use scissor doors or butterfly doors. This makes the texture of the car becomes a bit more complicated, but it does help bring i8 design style and more appealing impression.

8. Despite the strength and size is quite large, however, the BMW i8 is equipped only with a thinner tire usual, the wheels comes with a diameter of 20 inches. This option helps optimize the aerodynamics and improve fuel consumption. The production version of the BMW i8 will use tires in size 195/50 ZR20 front and 215/45 ZR20 at the rear. Even when using the thin tires, the contact surface between the tire and the road surface is large enough to bring the highest stability when cornering car.

9. Power steering system in the BMW i8 BMW X3 origin. BMW had been criticized for steering on some models of its lack of feedback to the driver and slightly soft, but they were no longer on the i8.

10. When fully charged, the BMW i8 can travel 35 km using only the electric motor, and the maximum speed can reach 75 km / h.
- Khmer Lecturer, 2013


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