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Car of the Week: 2020 Corvette C8

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10 Things We Know About The 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 Convertible (So Far):

‘The 2020 Chevy Corvette Convertible is coming so we know some facts about the car. Let's share what we know for sure.

The Vette, as it is lovingly called, was born way back in 1953. Named after a small battleship after PR assistant director Myron Scott’s suggestion, it has been in production for 66 years and is still going strong. Which is why we are talking about the Chevy Corvette 2020, and it promises to be something a little more than just special.

America’s Sports Car has always gone places, and when it starred in the 60s show Route 66, it became synonymous with freedom and the thrill of open roads. We all love the Vette, so here’s what would be even more lovable about the 2020 model of the Corvette.

  1. The Corvette Is Travelling

Come 2020 and the Vette refuses to be solely American-bound, which is why UK and Asian markets will see its right-hand avatar flood their Chevy dealerships. Of course, being the all-new Vette, it is unlikely to come cheap with a ballpark estimated base price of $60,000.

Higher trims may go well above $100,000 but the Vette was never a cheap car, to begin with. However, if you look at its Ferrari-like performance, and 2020 does promise to blow your mind, the price is justified. Remember it is far more affordable than its rivals like the Audi R8 and offers more of a Porsche 718 Cayman price whilst being on a Ferrari-like high.

  1. The All-New Beastly V8

The eight-generation Vette is slated to be a different kind of a beast. One that’s 35 horses more than the current Stingray, and promises an experience like no other. The all-new 6.2-liter V8 will punch out 490 horsepower and 465 ft-lb torque and in case you take the performance exhaust, you get 495 horses and 470 ft-lb torque.

The newest Vette in the market has a lot more styling and clearly a lot more road sass as well and while the V8 may be the same as its predecessor, it’s a lot more tuned and enhanced than before.

  1. It Can Now Carry As Well

Unlike its predecessors which was aimed at only the true blue sports goers, the 2020 Vette can be used by the daily commuter as well. And the reason we say this with great confidence is that the Vette now has cargo space, a total of front and rear storage compartments giving you 12.6 cubic feet aka 356-liter plus of storage space.

The rear compartment or the boot, as claimed by Chevy, can hold two golf club kits – making it a boon for those who love to zip around doing their errands in a car as sporty and as legendary as the Vette.

  1. A Very Punchy Accelerator

If all the Vettes have failed you when it comes to speed or rather an acceleration, take heart with the 2020 model. While the last year’s model went 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds, the 2020 Vette is basically half a second faster than that and zips 0-60mph in 3 seconds flat.

We understand that half a second is no great shakes when all you want to compete against is yourself, but half a second is all that counts when you are racing down the finish line, be it pro or amateur. And the 2020 Corvette can certainly give you an edge over many on a racing track, or even against the clock.

  1. A Racecar Like Perch

That half a second quicker acceleration is further compounded by the way the driver’s seat is installed in the Vette. The mid-engined car has made the driver seat be placed a little forward – 16.5inches to be precise.

The idea was to make space for the engine, of course, but also let the driver sit closer to the windscreen, creating a racecar-like view for the driver. So basically other than being better to drive, easier to lug stuff around in, be suitable for an international audience – the Vette will be a lot more fun for those looking for the ultimate sports car experience.

  1. Three Trim Options

The all-new Vette will be available in three cool trims. The second-highest trim is the FE3 which is inclusive of the Z51 Performance package with an electronic limited-slip differential, larger brake discs for a superior stoppage, and better tires.

The highest step on the ladder is the FE4 with is all there is to the FE3, along with unconventional shocks in the form of magnetorheological adaptive dampers which we have trouble enough spelling, let alone explaining. Think of it as a smart fluid adapter that toughens up in need. Then there is the FE1 base trim that aimed at those who love driving something sporty on an everyday basis and do not need something so heroic under their hoods.

  1. It Is Very Tech

A 12-inch screen replaces the erstwhile digital instrument cluster, and the appearance of the screen changes to reflect which of the six driving modes has been selected. The center console houses Chevy’s infotainment system that is not only both Android and Apple compatible but can also receive over-the-air software updates.

There is an HD camera mounted near the top of the windscreen that will work as a go-pro dash cam to record your best scenes or speeds ever. Basically, Chevrolet did not skimp on any tech and loaded the Vette with all that was possible and plausible for the price.

  1. A Self-Lifting Wonder

The 2020 Corvette has a slightly shorter nose than the current Corvette but it has something cool up its sleeve instead. It comes with a GPS-enabled lifting suspension that can store up to 1,000 locations where it will automatically lift itself up by 40mm. It may not sound like much, but 40mm is a big ground clearance difference and this added height can help it navigate tougher roads as well.

Of course, most supercars do have this function – but most do not save 1,000 locations and automatically access GPS-enable lifts. Goes on to say that the Vette has always been something special.

  1. Manual Is Out

Sadly, for anyone loving everything stick shift about the Vette, the manual is out folks. The Vette will now come with an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission and there will be no manual option at all. That’s the bad news for all stick shift lovers. The good news is that the dual-clutch transmission will now give the wheels continuous power and torque – turning the Vette from fast to gentlemen-start-your-engines.

The transmission will now be uber-fast and accurate, taking less than 100 milliseconds to shift and making sure the acceleration and speed are unmatched since the continuous torque will never let off.

  1. The Jet-Like Interiors

The 2020 Vette is inspiring, and in turn, its interior was inspired by the jet fighters of today with Chevrolet naming F-22 and F-35 as the Vette’s idols. While they could not make the Vette’s interiors as precise as a Jet’s, pardon the poetry – they did add in a PDR – aka Performance Data Recorder.

The same windshield camera that records the vistas flashing by also keeps a track of sensor data like speed, steering angle and a lot more. So Vette drivers in love with the Vette and their driving skills can now truly compete with themselves, making sure each run of theirs is as flawless, as flawless can be.’

-Hotcars.com, 9/16/2019


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