300 Car Barn Find: Lambo, Ferrari, Amazing Classics Not Seen for Years

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‘Jay Leno. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. Jay Kay. Nick Mason. That guy who owns a tiny Giraffe. These are some well-known car collectors with well documented collections. The owner of the collection toured by Ammo NYC is never specifically stated, but we might need to add them to the list of 'epic car collectors'.

I believe what makes a car collection truly stand out is when any enthusiast can find something in the lot that they admire. Anyone can collect 1980s Ford products, but if you're a BMW enthusiast you'd might not care at all about the particular collection. The owner of this 300 car collection has everything and anything for all enthusiasts.

There are plenty of exotics from Italy, rare Porsches, muscle cars, kit cars, a Ford Pinto, and even an early VW Golf. The quality of the collection is high and therefore there isn't anything in the room you'd consider affordable.

The tour guide Holly details many of the cars with only a few being lesser known to her. It quickly becomes apparent she is intimately knowledgeable about the vast majority of the collection. She reminds the viewers several times that many of the cars are for sale with the unknown owner wanting to downsize this collection.

The highlights of the collection for me were the yellow Plymouth Superbird, an "all-wheel drive" (did she mean four wheel steering?) BMW 8-series with Alpina type wheels, Lamborghini LM002, 1st gen Camaro ZL-1, and a Ford GT race car. Each car in this collection could be a crown jewel for most collectors - it is simply staggering.

Go check out the video now and see for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_Wc_m06pG8

I'll only say that I'd love to know more about the owner of this collection and also want to know why he doesn't buy more lighting for his building!’

- Drivetribe.com 4/16/2020 and photo from Ammo NYC YouTube

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